TEO is a multibanking app, which was developed mainly for Sparda banks. The focus here is on an ecosystem to offer customers added value beyond traditional banking.

The app is available in all app stores and free for download



In the Innovation Hub we develop new features from scratch. The projects run through different phases and are guided by the Innovation Hub. Design thinking and innovation workshops with internal and external stakeholders are organized for this process.

A large part of this is taken up by quantitative and qualitative interviews with users in order to make the entire innovation process user-centric.

My focus is on conception, design, prototyping and business model development.



  • Identifying, monitoring and evaluating new innovation and technology trends according to the strategic direction of the Innovation Hub's innovation fields.

  • Preparation and communication of new trends to derive new business opportunities for internal purposes as well as for investors in close cooperation with specialist groups and customer teams

  • Management of projects for new products, processes and business models

  • Preparation and execution of innovation and design thinking workshops with internal and external stakeholders

  • Identification, monitoring and evaluation of competitors and best practices

  • Analysis of customer behavior and identification of pain points and needs using qualitative and quantitative methods, e.g. conducting user interviews, UX/UI tests or questionnaires

  • Creative development of user journeys and interfaces as well as support and holistic implementation

  • Holistic concept creation of sitemaps, navigation and interaction concepts, process structures, wireframes, design and prototypes

  • Translate the user touch points with the COMECO brand into customer journeys
  • Creation of mockups and prototypes in cooperation with mobile developers

  • Creation of requirements and realization of innovation projects in collaboration with other departments

  • Driving the design and experience strategy with the implementation of a design system

Design system

Working with the various stakeholders, both external and internal, I am working on a design system that includes all UI elements and is constantly being developed to achieve the most consistent UX possible and to make the design sustainable.


Innovation process

The world of banking is changing rapidly and companies need to adapt dynamically to offer their customers more value. To ensure that we set trends with TEO and continue to develop in the right direction, we observe new technologies and trends as well as the competitive environment in our role as an innovation hub. We interview customers and develop new features based on their feedback. This is how TEO becomes a living product that is geared to the needs of its users.





Kevin Bareiss
Stuttgart, Germany
Email: hello@kevinbareiss.com
LinkedIn: Kevin Bareiss