ease is a system consisting of a bracelet and the matching software. The bracelet consists of a vein scanner with which employees can authenticate themselves throughout the company.

ease ensures data security in companies with the help of a wristband that uses the vein scan as an authentification system. Ease eliminates the need for passwords and other authentification codes.


The increasing digitalisation of companies is presenting employees with ever greater challenges: All digital data must be protected and due to the changed work situation in companies, the requirements for the clean desk policy are increasing. As a result, employees often have to identify themselves and need access to many different systems through keys or passwords.

My role

  • UI/UX Design
  • Strategic Management
  • Prototyping
  • Sketching
  • Video editing


At the beginning of the project we worked in a heterogeneous team of three students to conduct a fact and cluster research on the socially influential topic Future of Work. This was the basis for further research and led us to problem identification:

Due to the increasing digitalization, the number of data in a company that must be protected against attacks from outside is increasing. Especially employee data (passwords, company IDs, electronic keys, etc.) offer a large potential for damage.





Due to the wide range of research, we were now able to use different methods to converge the gathered information. Interviews, market analyses and other thematic research helped us to develop a concept and translate the project into different expansion stages of the project and the business model



Through a combination of design methods and strategic management tools, we have developed three phases on how to roll out and position our product & service in the marketplace.

Phase 1
In order to gain experience on the market, an application for smartphones is being developed with which employees can encrypt their data using biometric features.

Phase 2
In the second step, we will build on the experience gained and develop a bracelet that allows users to identify themselves with their biometric data in the form of a vein scan.

Phase 3
In addition to the bracelet, an electronic cylinder lock will be introduced in this phase to simplify the private desk policy.

Strategic Management

To study the impact of strategic goals and user needs, we have applied various strategic management tools. The aim was to develop technological and socio-economic feasibility scenarios and then to evaluate the solution approaches. For this purpose, we founded a hypothetical startup, which was also based on various management tools. The result was a valid financial plan in which all figures and phases (sales model, personnel costs, loans, KPIs ...) were taken into account.

UI Design & Prototyping 

As we had a software and hardware component in our concept, we worked out both parts and created the first prototypes. The software was developed iteratively and prototypically to test the user experience with selected test persons. We also developed the wristband prototypically. A total of four models were sintered, sanded and varnished and then varnished for further processing. The model for the exhibition was even cast from an elastomer in order to get a realistic impression of the design. Three further models were created for the presentation, which already had the curvature of a wrist and were suitable as ideal demonstration models.



Marco Stölze

Jana Lupus

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Strategic Design M.A.


Kevin Bareiss
Stuttgart, Germany
Email: hello@kevinbareiss.com
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