Ask All

Ask All is an application for your smartphone. You can ask people for advice, in making the right choice. Whether you like to know which pair of shoes fits best, who should pay the next drink in the pub or you like to get an opinion about your product. Your questions will definitely get an answer!


Ask All sends your question to hundred different people around the world, serving answers in seconds. You even have the possibility to select target groups.


You can check your Results via the Statistic-Center, where all questions are listed. Thanks to a live update, you can check the incoming answers in realtime.

The focus for the app is to create surveys with images as quickly, easily and intuitively as possible.

In order to encourage users not only to receive answers, but also to rate other questionnaires, the user has to rate ten questionnaires of others per own questionnaire.

This ensures that enough surveys are always answered.



Max Popp

Daniel Keller

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Interaction Design B.A.


Kevin Bareiss
Stuttgart, Germany
LinkedIn: Kevin Bareiss